We are seasoned data management professionals and MDM specialists with deep software experience.

Our mission is to make data management easy, effective, and affordable for enterprises of ALL SIZES.

Manuel Suarez

Managing Director

Under Manuel Suarez’s astute guidance, CUBO iQ has flourished, empowering organizations across diverse industries to leverage clean, accurate data for enhanced decision-making, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge. The company’s cutting-edge tools and customizable solutions have garnered widespread recognition, making CUBO iQ a trusted partner for organizations seeking to optimize their data management practices.

New York, USA

Headquartered in

Our services are hosted in Europe to serve the LATAM, European Union, and separately in USA to host the North American market


Founding Year

Our aim was to cut expenses while surpassing MDM standards, focusing on data quality and precision in data matching. Plus, we ensure the most cost-effective software in the market.


Collective Integrations

Our seasoned team collectively integrated over 400 similar solutions in past roles, ensuring cost-effective, compliance-exceeding solutions, focusing on data quality and precision in matching.

Our Core Values

Delivering solutions tailored to your needs

At CUBO iQ, we are driven by a customer-centric approach with a foundation of integrity and trust. Our clients are central to our mission, and we are committed to comprehending their requirements, obstacles, and objectives. By empathizing with their perspectives, we craft customized solutions that surpass expectations, fostering enduring partnerships. We uphold unwavering ethical principles in every interaction, firmly believing that transparency, honesty, and trust are the pillars of thriving collaborations

We achieve greatness together

At the core of our achievements is collaboration. We acknowledge that each team member is pivotal in propelling our company’s progress. Irrespective of cultural diversity and geographical locations, we prioritize transparent and candid communication, creating an atmosphere where ideas flow openly and are valued. We are firm believers in empowering our teams, granting them the independence to make decisions that enhance the overall betterment of the company.

Never stop learning, never stop growing

Our company is rooted in a commitment to continuous growth and knowledge acquisition. We welcome fresh challenges as chances to broaden our knowledge and pioneer inventive solutions. Our nimble approach enables us to adapt swiftly to industry shifts, and our forward-thinking mentality propels us to embrace new opportunities. At CUBO iQ, we are dedicated to evolving alongside the ever-changing data management landscape, pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Accuracy and security in every byte

CUBO iQ is now relied upon by numerous industry experts globally, CDOs, CMOs, DBAs, Analysts, CDMPs, Engineers, data architects and more. They all seek the most comprehensive easy to use data management services and solutions. CUBO iQ offers access to data cleansing and matching tools via batch interface, and robust APIs. Data integrity stands as the paramount element in ensuring our customers have up-to-the-minute information at their disposal.

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Trusted by Governments, Banks, Private & Public Sectors and SMB
22nd Century Technologies Inc.
22nd Century Technologies Inc.
Chitharanjan - Vice President (AI and Innovation) Billa
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We cleansed our CRM in just a few clicks with CUBO iQ®
Jorge Pinzon - Sales and Data / Innovative strategies
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CUBO iQ®'s fuzzy matching power unifies transactional data from 30 stores monthly, saving us valuable time and enhancing analysis efficiency and precision.
Samuel O. Senior Database Analyst
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The matching is more accurate than Win Pure, offering the advantage of ensuring match accuracy and the promptness of generating cross-references, which benefits delivery time.

At Cubo IQ, we are focused on developing AI solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We work with businesses of all sizes to help them automate tasks, improve efficiency, and gain new insights from their data.