Data Governance Services

Improve your data governance skills, empower your team for rapid adoption, and drive your organization to success with the data advantage.

Our Data Governance Services:

Strengthen data governance: Ensure accuracy, remove duplicates, and maintain organization for reliable, compliant data

As an emerging data management company with 40 years of collective experience,CUBO iQ empowers organizations to build robust data infrastructures. Our practical data governance training, coaching, and consulting services, combined with CUBO iQ®’s technology, enable you to achieve cost-effective and optimal data management solutions. We assist you in discovering opportunities to intelligently utilize your data, offering the best data cleanup and management strategy. With a wide range of data governance services, CUBO iQ® enhances operational efficiency for your organization

Data Matching Software

Grow Your Business with Consistent and Coherent Data Governance Best Practices

Simplify Data Governance for successful implementation

Structured approach for change initiatives in Data Governance

Tailored methodology for data owners and stewards

Flexibility to adapt to any organizational culture

Easy for all staff levels to understand

Key components for a successful data governance initiatives

Breakdown of phases for logical progress

The basis for training, coaching, and consulting services

Simplified approach to building a business case

Achieve successful Data Governance with this methodology

Free Data Governance Data Quality Audit 

Our Full Range of Data Governance Services

Data Governance 101 Kick Start

Elevate your data governance initiative with an extensive six-month program that offers personalized 1:1 guidance, ensuring you get off to a flying start.

Data Governance Coaching

Facing data governance challenges? It’s complex, non-standard, and continuous. Let us guide you with practical, step-by-step recommendations to succeed.

Data Governance Consulting

Struggling with Data Governance? Consultant turnover can hinder long-term success. Let’s discuss a more sustainable approach for your initiative.

Data Quality Assessment

Comprehensive data quality evaluation and improvement analysis. Non-invasive approach with proprietary CUBO iQ® technology for precise, efficient solutions.

Data Cleansing and Standardization

Cleaning and standardizing data to ensure consistency and accuracy, including deduplication, validation, and correction with proprietary CUBO iQ® technology.

Data Profiling and Data Dictionaries

Data originates from diverse sources with variations. Data standardization involves examining, organizing, and improving its structure and quality, equipping organizations to make well-informed decisions

 Framework Development

Enhance the value of your large database. We offer comprehensive data governance solutions, policies, and procedures to ensure data quality, completeness, and compliance

Data Stewardship and Ownership

Empower data quality through clear ownership. We establish data stewardship programs, assigning responsibility to teams or individuals, ensuring data excellence.

Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Introducing the CUBO iQ® API for continuous data quality monitoring, delivering detailed data health reports, comprehensive dashboards, and metrics for all stakeholders

Data Matching Software

Are you ready to take your data governance to the next level?

Experience the power of CUBO iQ® and transform your data management processes today. With non-invasive implementation, no-code/low-code solutions.

  • Complete data management for seamless governance.
  • Non-invasive, no-code solution for data professionals.
  • Enhance data quality, reduce errors, and save costs.
  • Simplified deduplication and data integration processes.
  • Improve decision-making with accurate, unified data.
  • Ensure compliance, reduce legal and financial risks.
  • Foster data collaboration with a user-friendly platform.
  • CUBO iQ® transforms data governance effortlessly.