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Even with all the technology, the process of data standardization and validation remains a labor-intensive and time-consuming task.

Data Quality Variability

Inconsistent data from diverse sources poses quality and structure challenges.

Data Volume Handling

Managing extensive data is resource-intensive and time-consuming for organizations

Data Collaboration

Effective collaboration among team members and departments is hindered when everyone has a different interpretation of data.

Data Structure Validation

Data outside parameters disrupts accuracy, integrity, compatibility, security, migration, governance, productivity, and operations.


CUBO iQ® Freemium NO-CODE data quality tool kit state of art reusable business rules

Effortlessly profile, validate, and standardize with our robust quality engine. Tested on 200 million records for assured data quality

Introducing CUBO iQ® Freemium!

Say farewell to traditional yearly data cleansing software models and start reducing false positives Free for Life!. Enhance data management, cut manual costs with CUBO iQ® Freemium

The world’s fastest and most accurate data quality and validation engine.

Why Choose CUBO IQ® Freemium?

Why choose CUBO iQ® Freemium? Versatile options – SaaS, on-premise, floating licenses providing affordable, actionable data quality solutions.

Accurate Decisions

Exceptional tool detects phonetic, fuzzy, miskeyed variations precisely.

Rapid Responses

Quickly install, launch, and start profiling, transforming, and matching.

Cost Effective Use

Clear false positives with repeatable rules reduces manual effort, costs.

Drag and Drop Use

User-friendly interface suits diverse professionals and novice users.

Upgrade to Pay-per-Match SaaS

Pay only if we find matches with one of a kind pricing calculator.

Reduction in False Positives
Reduction in Manual Workload
Reduction in Total Management Cost 

The matching is more accurate than Win Pure, offering the advantage of ensuring match accuracy and the promptness of generating cross-references, which benefits delivery time.

Product Highlights

CUBO iQ® Freemium is an All-In-One Data Quality Platform that includes:

Our AI-driven Data Profiling identifies data outliers, minimizing false positives, surpassing conventional techniques.

Built for fast drag and drop on-premise integration as a primary approach

Export up to 200 million records with ease (empty, null distinct counts, valid vs. invalid ) Flag and Tag anomalies and more.

CUBO iQ® consistently outperforms other solutions in speed and accuracy with our quality technology

ETL visual pipeline views and integrated rapid review for streamlined manual workflows

Import, aggregate, and transform data from diverse sources for a a true data quality standard

Streamlined data transformation and cleansing save time through efficient process optimization and standardization

Data Profiling, Record Linkage, Duplicate checker, Address Standardization, Pattern Matching, and Recognition

Designed with Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance in Mind

Discover the Distinctive Edge of CUBO iQ® Freemium


CUBO iQ® uses World Class Fuzzy Matching data engine to detect and clear false positives and deliver dynamic actionable decisions.

Interested in a low-cost pay-as-you-go data matching solution? Our matching is also available in SaaS.