CUBO iQ® MDM offers an uncomplicated and cost-effective master data management solution tailored to seamlessly integrate with your business, enabling you to attain a unified perspective of your data. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features designed to streamline your data management needs

CUBO iQ® MDM: Data Management, Supercharged


Handling data from multiple sources, arriving in different formats and schedules, without proper governance, remains a complex and time-consuming task, despite technological progress

Excessive False Positives

Fuzzy data creates false positives, duplicates slowing  data onboarding processes

Poor Data

Data influx from varied sources, nomenclature discrepancies, variations, typos, and system errors

No Single Source of Truth

Decisions are often made in the face of uncertainty, and the level of risk associated with different choices must be carefully evaluated.

Redundant Data Reviewing

Allocating personnel and resources to review redundant data can be costly and impact overall efficiency.


CUBO iQ® MDM (Master Data Management) Seamless Data Quality: Batch, API, Front-End, and More in One Toolkit.

Match diverse data sources with a rapid matching engine, tested on 200 million records, for confident data management and quality

Introducing CUBO iQ® MDM! 

(Master Data Management Software)

Unifying Data Quality: Batch, API, Front-End, and Webservices – CUBO iQ® MDM Has You Covered!

The world’s fastest, most accurate data quality and matching engine.

Why Choose CUBO IQ® MDM (Master Data Management)?

From SaaS to on-premise, and flexible subscriptions, we unite all solutions to deliver a scalable, all-terrain MDM solution. Choose CUBO iQ® MDM for smart data management choices today

CUBO iQ® SaaS GUI PC|Server

Employ our on-premise batch solutions, optionally integrated with Data Governance, to perform no-code batch data cleansing and matching


Establish real-time connections to both internal and external sources for data cleansing, matching, validation, Geo-Referential integration, compliance, and a unified source of truth

CUBO iQ® FAZ (front end)

Integrate seamlessly into the MDM big picture, ensuring data stays clean from the moment it enters your systems. Leverage front-end validation, risk and duplicate detection in real time

CUBO iQ® Web Services

Data Matching and Validation Web Services form a critical part of the MDM universe, working harmoniously to maintain data integrity and accuracy throughout the data lifecycle.

Custom Solution Dev

Empower your MDM solution with our customized customer development work for tailored, efficient data management that meets your unique business needs.

Reduction in False Positives
Reduction in Manual Workload
Reduction in Total Management Cost 

The matching is more accurate than Win Pure, offering the advantage of ensuring match accuracy and the promptness of generating cross-references, which benefits delivery time.

Product Highlights

CUBO iQ® MDM is an All-In-One Master Data Management & Matching Platform that includes:

Data Integration: Seamlessly connect and aggregate data from various sources

Data Cleansing: Identify and correct data errors, inconsistencies, and duplicates

Data Quality Management: Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and completeness

Data Governance: Establish policies and standards for data management and compliance.

Data Matching and Deduplication: Identify and merge duplicate records with proprietary algorithms

Data Enrichment: Enhance data with additional information from trusted sources via Rest API

Data Security and Access Control: Control who can access and modify data.

Data Mastering: Create a single, authoritative source of truth for data entities.

Harmonize Your Enterprise: Share nomenclature across departments with Data Dictionaries.

Data Workflow and Automation: Streamline data-related processes and tasks.

Data Integration and Real-Time Updates: Enable data synchronization and real-time data updates.

Reporting and Analytics: Generate insights from clean, accurate data.

Scalability: Accommodate increasing data volumes and complexity tested on 1/2 a billion 200 records and more!

*Data Lineage: Track control breaks, users changes and more. (coming soon!)

*Data Versioning and History: Track and manage changes to data over time. (coming soon!)

User-Friendly Interface: Provide an intuitive interface for data management and access.

Optimize Costs: Utilize floating licenses and a blend of innovative SaaS applications for cost reduction

Join Forces with Data Specialists: Build MDM with top-notch pros from CDMP, CDP, and Data Governance expertise.

Discover the Revolutionary Edge of CUBO iQ® MDM 

(Master Data Management)


Your Data, Your Way: CUBO iQ® MDM Data Quality Toolkit – Adaptable Solutions for Any Scenario

Feature Highlights

  • Integración de datos
  • Limpieza de datos
  • Gestión de calidad de datos
  • Dato de governancia
  • Coincidencia de datos y
  • Enriquecimiento de datos
  • Seguridad y acceso a los datos
  • Masterización de datos
  • Flujo de trabajo y automatización
  • Integración de datos y tiempo real
  • Informes y análisis
  • Escalabilidad
  • Extensibilidad e integración
  • Interfaz amigable

Competing Solution

  • Capacidades de integración limitadas
  • Limpieza de datos básicos
  • Controles mínimos de calidad de los datos
  • Gobernanza débil o ausente
  • Capacidad de deduplicación limitada
  • Funciones limitadas de enriquecimiento de datos
  • Weak or inadequate security
  • Falta de una única fuente de verdad.
  • Procesos manuales que requieren mucho tiempo
  • Slow, asynchronous updates
  • Informes y análisis limitados
  • Capacidades de escalabilidad limitadas
  • Mala integración con terceros.
  • Complejo y no usuario


  • Conexiones perfectas y versátiles
  • Corrección de errores avanzada
  • Control integral de calidad de los datos.
  • Sólidas herramientas de políticas y cumplimiento
  • Identificación efectiva de duplicados
  • Amplias opciones de mejora de datos
  • Estricto control de acceso a los datos
  • Datos autorizados centralizados
  • Agilización eficiente de procesos
  • Sincronización de datos en tiempo real
  • Información detallada e informes
  • Adaptable a diferentes volúmenes de datos
  • Fácil integración con otros sistemas
  • Ul intuitivo y fácil de usar

Interested in a low-cost MDM flexible solution?

Then say Goodbye to False Positives with CUBO iQ® MDM’s Fuzzy Matching Engine