CUBO iQ® Launches Freemium Data Management Solution to Enhance Data Quality and Cleanliness

MasterDataTM, a leader in data quality solutions, is pleased to present CUBO iQ FAZ, an integral part of the CUBO iQ® Enterprise software suite that provides a complete solution for master data management and validation. CUBO iQ FAZ revolutionizes the way companies manage and validate their data in real time. With CUBO iQ FAZ, users can ensure their data is accurate and up-to-date before being processed.


This essential tool guarantees data quality in relational data sources like CRMs, ERPs, and databases. One of the highlights of CUBO iQ FAZ is its ability to perform real-time data validation. This means data is automatically checked and validated without manual intervention before being processed. With this continuous validation, companies can ensure their data stays accurate and current at all times, avoiding errors and instantly detecting duplicates. Key benefits of


CUBO iQ FAZ include:

Reliable Data Matching and Validation: CUBO iQ FAZ reliably validates match and non-match results, supporting automation of use cases based on data quality and accuracy.


Relevant Entity Search: The solution validates entity search returns relevant duplicate candidates, using fields available in the online application and current state of data quality and completeness.

Front-End Data Validation: CUBO iQ FAZ provides a complete solution for front-end data validation and matching, whether through a web application, fat client, or thin client.


With CUBO iQ FAZ, companies can rely on the quality of their master data and optimize business operations. By avoiding manual intervention and ensuring data accuracy, organizations can save time and effort on manual reviews, as well as improve system efficiency.

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