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BOGOTA, ColombiaJune 7, 2023PRLog — Bogota, Colombia, MasterDataTM is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of CUBO iQ SaaS, an innovative cloud-based solution that will revolutionize master data management. 

CUBO iQ SaaS stands out for its focus on fuzzy matching algorithms for data matching, data enrichment, master data handling. It also focuses on maintaining single views and “golden” records to drive effective data governance models. 

Data management is critical for organizations in the digital age, and ensuring data quality, integrity, and compliance is essential for business success. CUBO iQ SaaS addresses these challenges with a variety of key features:

  1. Fuzzy Matching and Data Matching Algorithms: CUBO iQ SaaS uses advanced fuzzy matching algorithms that allow identifying and correlating similar or related data, even in cases of discrepancies or variations in values.
  2. Data Enrichment: The solution enriches existing data by adding relevant and up-to-date information from various trusted sources. This provides a more complete and detailed view of the data, facilitating informed decision making.
  3. Cross-Referencing Compliance Lists: CUBO iQ SaaS offers seamless integration with multiple compliance lists such as AML, KYC, PEP, Sanctions, Regulations, SARLAFT, SAGRILAFT, OFAC, and more. This allows organizations to check and contrast data against these lists, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  4. Single Views and “Golden” Records: The tool helps maintain single views and “golden” records of entities like people, companies, products, etc. This ensures data consistency and integrity across the organization which in turn improves strategic decision making.


In addition to all these features, CUBO iQ SaaS positions itself as a highly cost-effective solution compared to high-profile alternatives in the market. By offering a pay-per-finding pricing model, organizations can access all the platform’s functionalities without incurring significant upfront costs. “Our experience and track record speak for themselves,” said CEO Manuel Suarez of Master Data. “With CUBO iQ SaaS, we offer a cloud-based MDM solution that enables organizations of all sizes to optimize operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize the value of their data.” To learn more about CUBO iQ SaaS and take advantage of this revolutionary data management solution, visit our website a

In today’s business world, data quality is essential for precise and effective decision-making. CUBO iQ® Freemium emerges as a fundamental tool to ensure the accuracy and consistency of corporate data, thereby contributing to improving efficiency and performance of organizations with repeatable business rules and a unique view of their records, clients, products, and more.
Key features of CUBO iQ® Freemium include:

Data Cleaning and Normalization: CUBO iQ® Freemium allows users to quickly clean and normalize large volumes of data, enhancing the quality and reliability of business information. The tool eliminates duplicate data, identifies and corrects errors, and standardizes values, resulting in a more consistent and reliable database.

Data Validation and Verification: With advanced algorithms, CUBO iQ® Freemium verifies and validates data integrity, ensuring they meet established criteria and are free of inconsistencies. This ensures organizations can fully rely on the accuracy of the data used for their operations and decision-making.

Operational Efficiency Improvement: By providing a free and user-friendly solution, CUBO iQ® Freemium helps organizations improve their operational efficiency by eliminating the need for tedious manual data cleaning and normalization tasks. This frees up valuable time and resources that can be used in other critical areas of the business.

“CUBO iQ® Freemium represents our commitment to data quality and cleanliness in Latin America and is a game-changer,” stated Manuel Suarez, the CEO of CUBO iQ®. “We are delighted to offer this free tool that will enable organizations to optimize their data and make more informed, reliable decisions without cost.”

For more information about CUBO iQ® Freemium and to begin leveraging this free solution to enhance the quality and cleanliness of your corporate data, visit our website at www.cuboiq.com/freemium

Driving Efficiency and Compliance to MDM • PIM • CDM • ERP • AML • KYC • PEP • OFAC